Making Chaga TeaThere are many ways to use Chaga Mushrooms. People use it as a drink, food, and topically. Below are some helpful links to recipes for chaga mushrooms:

Chaga Drink Recipes

  • Tea. This article by Sisters Know Best is a great look in to how we find chaga and how to make chaga tea.
  • Smoothies. Some people don’t like tea. Try this delicious recipe as a way to sweeten the tea and make it into a chocolate chaga smoothie.
  • Chai. Chai on its own is great for the circulation, but a Chaga Chai brings so much more to the table as Burdock & Rose point out with this Chaga Chai recipe.

Chaga Food Recipes

Chaga Books

We recommend “The Cure is in the Forest” written by Dr. Cass Ingram as an excellent resource on chaga mushrooms.  There is a wealth of scientific knowledge in this book.